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Janet Parfet is a creative professional and educator working at the intersection of business, education and health. Through a deep appreciation for reading and education, Janet joined a publishing company where she began to direct her life passions into "A voice with purpose". Janet is a certified project manager who uses her training to accomplish her professional and personal goals. While in her career, Janet was co-located with her company's media production team where she was immersed in the process of video and voice creation. With these experiences, Janet blended her passions by creating her own home studio where she can now deliver her "voice" anytime and anywhere.

Based at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Janet enjoys the outdoors, family, friends and invests in people by promoting reading, education and health messages. Janet finds extreme happiness in purposeful activity and lives a life filled with joy, gratitude and a desire to share with the world around her.

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I can craft your message and deliver your project quickly, efficiently and creatively. Let my passion for quality work speak for itself.

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